Responsibility is the core of all our operations, it means hunter’s responsibility for animals and environment. Responsible hunters obey laws, regulations, and generally accepted practices. Respecting and utilizing game are an important part of responsible hunting. A responsible hunter determines the number of kill in relation to current game populations and follows the set hunting quotas or recommendations.

In the autumn, we hunt members of the grouse species, such as capercaillie, black grouse and hazel grouse, and arrange wood pigeon and waterfowl hunts. In the spring, our beaver hunt on the shores of lakes and rivers is an unforgettable wilderness experience!
We arrange moose hunts all over Finland, all the way up to Lapland. Also ask about white-tailed deer hunts in the forest, arranged with our partners in Southern Finland.
Bear hunt are our most challenging form of hunting, requiring special skills from both the hunters and the guides. Most of our bear hunts are in North Karelia.

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